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Discover the wonders of the pearl of the Gargano.


It was in Vieste that Pope Celestine V (him who made, through cowardice, the great refusal, as Dante tells us) was arrested. This is just one of the many stories that Vieste, the easternmost village of the Gargano, has to tell to the visitor who lends his ear.

Gino's tips and tricks...

The visit to the city of Vieste cannot be worthy of the name without a food and wine excursus. Ask Natascia and Gianluca and they will be able to show you the best places to savor the many delicacies typical of the Vieste tradition.

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Discover the wonders of the "spur of Italy".

Between art and nature, saints and kings.

A land that has seen the passage of different populations, the promontory of Gargano has to offer millennia of history and culture.

Gino's tips and tricks...

A day at the Tremiti Islands is highly recommended. Once there, rent a small dinghy to visit the islands and find your corner of paradise.
In Foresta Umbra, rent a bike with assisted pedaling to better enjoy the visit. And if you get hungry there are many places where good genuine and local food awaits you, as well as various picnic areas.